Nagarik Mancha 1989-2014 / Nagarik Mancha, an independent, autonomous citizen's initiative and a social action group, is neither affiliated nor aligned to any political party and does not accept funds from fund giving agencies.

From The General Secretary's Desk

Welcome to our website !

Perhaps the main pillars of Nagarik Mancha as a functioning unit are: to act as a non-party civil society initiative; to act as a solidarity and support group to grass root level initiatives; to remain alert and alive to issues related to labour, industry, environment and development; and to disseminate information.

This website is an attempt to fulfil all the points mentioned above and also to reach out to those who are not already our members, associates, sympathisers and well wishers.

This is just a modest start and as we go along we will work on all the errors, lacunae and suggestions.

This website is being launched to mark the beginning of our 25th year and hence we are waiting for your feedback!

Naba Dutta
General Secretary
Nagarik Mancha
21 September 2013