Nagarik Mancha 1989-2014 / Nagarik Mancha, an independent, autonomous citizen's initiative and a social action group, is neither affiliated nor aligned to any political party and does not accept funds from fund giving agencies.

Your Support & Participation

One among important reasons for the gap between Mancha’s desire and capability in running these kinds of activities is serious inadequacy of funds. On principle, Mancha does not accept funds from fund giving agencies. In most of the cases subscription or donation from workers or their organisations of ‘sick’ and closed industries is, perhaps understandably, not available. Prices of publications are kept close to the cost price so as to be within the purchasing capacity of most people.

So far, Nagarik Mancha had to depend on voluntary labour. The activities of the organization depended mainly on cooperation, both physical and intellectual, from its associates and members. Of late, since many members are unable to spare time for the organization, as they did in the early years, we have had to utilise the services of two persons against honorarium who assist in maintaining the day-to-day work at the office and other outdoor activities including development of our publication network.

Nagarik Mancha has survived by raising funds through subscriptions, individual monthly/yearly donations, special donations, sale proceeds from NM publications, discount from selling books of fraternal organisations and so on. On a couple of occasions we have taken advertisements in our publications and on one instance we accepted a fellowship for 6 months from SARAI, CSDS, New Delhi.
Presently we need just over Rs. 3,00,000 every year for smooth functioning.

Ours is an initiative – a participatory collective of citizens. Do we have to go for funds from funding agencies? We don’t really think so at present! We didn’t have to do it since 1989? Deep down we are indeed confident that we can raise this amount from co-citizens. However, every now and then, our activities come nearly to a grinding halt – just because of funds. Hence through discussions with many we had launched a fund-raising drive which could sustain our initiative. The details are as below:

Anyone who broadly agrees with or shares or appreciates the purpose or goal of Mancha as stated, and wishes such an initiative to continue, can become the Associate Member of Nagarik Mancha. All the publications – books and Mancha Sambad – are given to Associate Member round the year at 50% discount. In addition to other forms of cooperation Nagarik Mancha expects a minimum of Rs 150 per year from an ‘Associate Member. Associate members are also invited to participate in all activities of Nagarik Mancha.

We have also appealed for about a dozen well wishers for donating Rs 8000 each to us on a specific calendar month, earmarked in advance. Such staggered donations reaching us every month will take care of our monthly office expenses to a major extent. During the last couple of years or more the number of such donors were less than the required number. Anyone who thinks that donation of such an amount can be made to this self-funding initiative is always welcome to contact us.

We appeal and are also hopeful that there will be another at least 50 members / friends / associates / well-wishers who will come up with one-time donation of at least Rs 2000 for a calendar year.

You can call our office at +913323731921 or send an email at Please note that we can collect cash or cheque from your work place or your residence or any other place by appointment. You can also transfer money to our SBI account number 11165929793, State Bank of India, Narkeldanga Branch, IFSC Code: SBIN0001580, in favour of ‘Purba Kolkata Nagarik Mancha’. And if you drop in personally between 5 and 7 pm on weekdays it will be wonderful!

We believe that YOU can help Nagarik Mancha! We know that you have faith in citizens’ initiatives. So do we!

Naba Dutta
General Secretary
Nagarik Mancha